Friday, January 29, 2010

Waxing A Shower Can You Wax A Fiberglass Shower?

Can you wax a fiberglass shower? - waxing a shower

Can you wax a bathtub or a shower fiberglass. We have a very hard water makes the soap foam to create fast and it's really hard to lose. We (actually my mother) asked whether it would be easier to clean the wax.


M M T said...

Yes, you can car wax fiberglass, shower doors. But do not use it at the bottom of the tub, but it will be too smooth, safe! Make sure you clean it really, really well and allow to dry thoroughly before waxing.

It helps a little, but I decided I was not enough to continue to contribute to do so. The minerals that have accumulated in the tip of the wax, and when you remove a detergent or white wine vinegar, the wax that comes with it.

FreakGir... said...

As a first response, I would not be much difference, but it is very difficult to damage or calling

Steve said...

Yes you can, but be careful that the bottom of the bath very slippery

Ingrid said...

The use of car wax. If you own the house, I recommend that will eventually feel about water softeners. It will solve many problems.

Le Bouchon said...

Yes, but not much of this

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